Magdalene Hoy

As a homeschooler who has just graduated from high school, Magdalene spends most of her time exploring different types of art, studying psychology, and targeting her next goal in life. She has a heart for children and enjoys creating experiences and bonding with them through teaching them the joy of learning music. Engaging in deep conversations with those around her and learning more about them is something she cherishes.


Rebecca Teoh

Hi, my name is Rebecca! I am 17 this year (as of 2020). I am extremely passionate about creating. I create many things from paint, clay, to cameras and music. I am part of The Socially Awkward Podcast, a podcast that features homeschoolers, their stories, and their thoughts. Through this, we hope to build a greater online presence for homeschoolers in Singapore. I believe learning is lifelong and that there is so much to life that we can explore. I am thankful to be a part of the homeschool community, and to give back by organizing the upcoming annual Homeschool Convention in 2021!