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April 7-9 2022


The biggest event on the homeschooling calendar in Singapore. Expect powerful keynote teachings and network with homeschooling communities across ASIA.

Keynote Teachings

Expect a powerful interpretation of seven topics that demand reframing through seven videos with seven panels. Included in your ticket is bonus access to 22 recordings by past convention speakers!

DAY 2-3
High School

Get ready for an inspiring 2 day program with guest speakers from the Homeschool Alumni, a hands on project on how to turn your passion into a business, music showcase, join a high school homeschooling community and more!

Curriculum Fair

We invite you – and your children – to attend the fair as participants and/or sign up for a booth for yourself, for your company, organisation or family to teach and learn together.


Topic : Education and Power

Tim Chen

Tim Chen, also known as the godfather of homeschooling, is a famous advocate for education choice in Taiwan. Tim and his Polish wife Dorota have been homeschooling their multilingual and multicultural kids for over 20 years.
Tim’s expertise in education is widely recognized. He is a member of the Taiwan National Curriculum Review Committee Plenary Session representing non-governmental organizations related to education. He also serves on several experimental education review committees for both central and local governments. He has been serving on the Executive Board of the Global Home Education Conference since 2013. He is a frequent conference speaker on home education, alternative education and open education worldwide.

Dawn Fung

Dawn Fung founded Homeschool Singapore. She was one of the key leaders in the Singapore homeschooling landscape in the early 2010s-2020s. She has spoken at various international events. She believes that education reform begins in the family and every child should have every right to great education. She runs two companies, ParentED International and Little U, focusing on personalising care for parenting, teaching and children’s education for all. She provides consultation to individuals and companies on human resource development with a unique unschooling/homeschooling approach. Dawn Fung homeschools her three children and is based in Singapore.

Topic : Education and Youths

Kelly Davis

Kelly is a Co-founder and Chief Education Officer at Galileo XP. Previously a global educator in Australia and Asia, she wanted to expand her impact with the rise of online education and her passion for self-directed learning. She began her journey into entrepreneurship through online teaching for startups and this continued after meeting her co-founder, Vlad Stan, and they launched the first Homeschooling Global Summit in 2019, which led to the opening of Galileo in August 2019.
Galileo is a global, forward-thinking school for self-directed learners. Galileo supports learners to unlock real skills through personalized mentorship, and collaborate with students across the world. Galileo provides a world-class, online education for 8-18-year-olds. Kelly is based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Phyllis Chan

Phyllis is mom to 3 children – a young adult and 2 teenagers. She enjoys spending lots of time with her children and learning along with them. Flexible working hours as a consulting actuary, domestic help and support from her homeschooling community have allowed her to homeschool since 2006 while staying in the game professionally.
Her family has been actively involved with the Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC) since 2011, either being coached in or coaching adults and students communication and leadership skills. Phyllis is currently the sponsor of a global online chapter with families in 3 countries. Her family moved from Singapore to North Carolina, USA, 2 years ago.

Topic : Education and Social Impact

Kalsum Harun

Kalsum is based in Singapore although she homeschools her three children wherever her husband’s work takes the family. From drafting legislations and policies in her last job at a government Ministry, Kalsum found herself reading extensively on education and pedagogies. She is an active member in various circles, offering support to parents who want to teach their own and contributing to special needs groups in her country to make good of her experience in advocacy during her previous experiences in civic engagements. Kalsum is the editor of, where she hopes to connect homeschooling and education enthusiasts through a wide range of perspectives.

Mansi Agarwal

Mansi is currently the Vice President- Social Impact Initiatives at BYJU’S. Since March 2020 Mansi has been spearheading the “Education for All” program with a mission to empower 10 million underprivileged children with education by 2025. With this mission Mansi has been working with over 100 NGO partners to ensure that children from underserved communities in India receive free and good quality education even during the pandemic. In this role Mansi also engages with several state and central government bodies to advice on ed-tech policy and governance.
Prior to this she has spent 8 years in the social sector as founder and CEO of UpSkill- an organization working at grassroots level skill training and formal sector employment. During this time her focus has been on creating multi stakeholder digital tools that can help scale teaching, learning and skilling even in remote areas.
Mansi holds a degree in Sustainable Design from Carnegie Mellon University, USA and has spent her earlier years working on projects focused on sustainability and livelihoods in the US, UK and India. Mansi also volunteers her time as an advisor to social enterprises focusing on creating sustainable livelihoods in rural India. Mansi resides in Bangalore, India with her husband and 8 year daughter with who she loves to dance, run, paint and read with.

Rosanne Unson

Rosanne Unson is one of the co-founders of Educating for Life, the team behind the annual Philippine Homeschool Convention. A few years ago, she took the plunge and left the IT industry to homeschool her only daughter full-time while helping manage The Learning Basket, a parent resource hub that promotes the idea that parents are their children’s first and best teacher.
Sanne is a staunch advocate of reading aloud, playful learning, positive discipline and homeschooling.

Topic : Education and Parenting

Sonica Kohly

Meet Sonia Kohly, a fun-loving, travel enthusiast. Daughter to a doting set of parents, sister to the most beautiful sibling in the world, wife of a handsome and thoughtful husband, and mum to 2 active tech-loving boys, whom she also happens to homeschool. Sonica is the Chapter Leader of

Felicia Lie

Felicia’s simple wish was to shape and influence her children in the way that she knows to be good and true. Little did she know that these little individuals, in turn, became the very people who teach her more than all her schooling years combined! 

She didn’t question herself about the path she has chosen once. She questions it almost daily! But, she always goes back to cherishing her privilege in being able to be both parent and teacher to her brood of 3.

Mariel Uyquiengco

In addition to being a homeschooling mom of three, Mariel is a “kissing monster” of anyone below five years, and a bookworm who yearns to find time to read non-children’s books. You can find her at, which she started in 2011 and is a parenting resource hub that offers parent education classes, as well as articles on parenting and homeschooling. Mariel is also one of the co-founders of Educating for Life or EFL, putting her love for planning and organization into practice as she acts as project manager and official worrywart for the group. EFL has been supporting families since 2013 through their empowering events that focus on valuing education.

Topic : Education and Business

Ira Sophia

Ira started her homeschooling journey for her elder son since 2015. She continued for her younger. They do lots of art and math, while letting them choosing what they want to explore for other subjects and extracurriculars. She started an art community, Art Jam Sessions on August 2017. They now have hundreds members from all over cities in Indonesia, also from Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Aradhana Iyer Vohra

Aradhana is a dance teacher, mother and the founding CEO at Neobael. At Neobael she drives the company’s vision and guides the team in transforming the notion of what 21st century project based learning can be. With a career that has spanned across the finance, education, biomedical, and hospitality industries, she has firsthand experience with the benefits of a cross-functional approach in charting a path to success in both work and life. As a mother of two and 21st Century Skills advocate, she understands the desire to prepare children for a future that does not yet exist.

Topic : Education and Big Families

Dorcas Lee

Educating her own children has been Dorcas’ dream since she embarked on her Diploma and Degree in Early Childhood Education two decades ago. She is therefore, thankful to be able to fulfil this dream by intertwining faith, life, fun and school dynamically into family life with her 5 children, aged 2 to 14, since 2011. Homeschooling for her is preparing her children for a life of useful service, training the mind as well as building character, and nurturing strong relationships in the process that binds the family together with treasured and abiding shared memories. Her desire is to raise resilient, discerning and empathetic individuals who live their lives firmly grounded in truth and faith.

Tina Rodriguez

Tina Rodriguez comes from a medical background but is now pursuing her childhood passions as a writer, editor, and occasional resource speaker. She and her husband homeschool their 5 kids, in the hope that each of them will more ably discover their passions and God’s purpose for their lives.Tina aims to help people discover and grow the “riches” they already have via her blog, Truly Rich and Blessed. She and her husband are also the co-founders of “ROCKERS (Roman Catholics Keeping Education Real) Philippines,” a group supporting Catholic homeschoolers since 2011, and Intentional Parenting Philippines, which is all about building stronger families. Tina is also one of the four homeschooling moms behind Educating for Life (EFL), which is all about supporting families and valuing education.

Topic : Education and Mental Wellness

Michelle Padrelanan

Michelle is one of the co-founders of Educating for Life or EFL, the creators of The Educating for Life Show, the Philippine Homeschool Convention, and other endeavors to support homeschooling families. Her four children span the ages of 26 years down to 14 years. She is passionate about homeschooling and has been encouraging families in their homeschool journey through her blog. She believes that homeschooling strengthens the family and strong families are the foundation of our country. Michelle has been helping families to homeschool since 2002. She blogs at Beyond The Silver and The Gold. Currently, she is taking up her Master of Arts in Psychology, so that she can be better equipped to help parents understand their children and care for them better. Michelle is also EFL’s resident expert when it comes to anything related to sponsorships and partnerships.

Alvaro Sanmartin Cid

After +10 years in the Ed-tech industry, having co-founded 3 Ed-tech projects, Alvaro started his own Ed-tech company, Minds Studio. His goal is to research high quality education and help forward thinking organizations launch life-changing education products. His clients include Google, Telefónica- universities – Minerva, London Interdisciplinary School, UNIR – and alternative schools like GalileoXP. Recently, Alvaro co-founded and launched an Ed-tech social enterprise – for refugee professionals to take back control of their lives through a life-changing incubator program.

Mark Lim

Mark Lim is Director of The Social Quotient, a consultancy firm which focuses on the centrality of social relationships for all individuals. Mark is a professional trainer, counsellor and mental wellness practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in the education and youth sectors. As a lecturer in the local polytechnic and a teacher in a leading secondary school, Mark was nominated for, and received awards related to the development of curriculum and the teaching of life skills such as understanding relationships, applied social psychology and critical thinking. Mark has a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and a Certificate of Professional Practice in Special Needs, and his work in the youth sector included leading and mentoring young people in the community as well as organising youth camps and other large-scale events. He is currently involved in family life work as a marriage mentor and counsellor, and he conducts parenting and mental wellness programmes for various educational organisations as well as counselling for persons with special needs. Mark was a special needs consultant with the Ministry of Education and local drama company I Theatre.


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