Singapore Homeschool Convention 2022

It’s a wrap! The 2022 Singapore Homeschool Convention, held online from 7-9 April, was a resounding success! For the first time, homeschooling families from across Asia came together at one event to exchange ideas and share their experiences—parents got to hear from an impressive roster of keynote speakers hailing from eight countries, and look for new teaching ideas at the Curriculum Fair.

Meanwhile, teen participants got to attend the first ever International Youth Brainstormathon, drawing inspiration from the entrepreneurial experiences of homeschool alumni guest speakers from across the region, then coming together to collaborate on their own ideas for projects to improve their communities.

I feel really happy I got to be a part of this event! At first I was like “hmmm…not sure I’ll join, maybe a bit reluctant…” But this event helped me meet a lot of other homeschoolers and I got a chance not just to learn from them, but partner together and create something wonderful too. I believe there are ups and downs in life like a rollercoaster, and this was definitely one of the ups! Thank you! 

–Joe, High School Day participant

 The High School Day was amazing! It taught me to embrace whatever comes my way and gave me excellent tips for a wide variety of subjects, from meeting people who like things you do to starting a company. I especially enjoyed working in my team to create a project which we hope to implement soon.

-Srinthia, High School Day participant

Notably, homeschool graduates from Homeschool Alumni Singapore stepped up this year to help organise the convention, and the entire High School program was conceived and run by them.

Our aim was to empower participants by showing them how to leverage their unique educational experience to start something with real world impact. It was a joy to see homeschooling teens collaborating together, and I hope it will be the start of their journey in owning a project and using it for good. I have high hopes for subsequent homeschool events catered to teens, and for them to be organized and facilitated by young people themselves. I believe their perspectives will bring something fresh, new and needed to the Singapore homeschooling community. 

-Rebecca Teoh, Director of Homeschool Alumni Singapore

We are so grateful to our wonderful sponsors Homeschool Singapore, Homeschool Global, and SIMCC, without whom this event would not be possible. And also, thank YOU to all our participants for coming to the event and making it such a wonderful time. We hope you benefited from the experience, and if you want to watch a keynote again, they are all available online at this link! The music showcase can be viewed on Youtube at this link. Thank you, and see you next year!

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