Homeschooling Graduates homeschooled in Singapore Survey

Dear all,

This is the last of the surveys for the book I am writing on homeschooling in Singapore.

If you know of any homeschooling graduates, would you send it to them pls? Appreciate the help.

If you have graduated from homeschooling, would you please fill in this survey? This survey is established as part of my research for my book about homeschooling in Singapore. The book may help other families make informed decisions regarding their children’s education.

Confidentiality: The records of this survey will be kept private and confidential. Data are primarily used on an aggregate basis and any sort of published information will be kept non-identifiable and completely anonymous. No information will be used in a way that would identify a participant.

Dawn Fung,
Homeschool Singapore Founder

Survey Link:

Deadline : 5 July 2021.

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