What is the 2021 Online Homeschool Convention?

The Homeschool Convention is an annual event that is held for the homeschool community in Singapore. It is a big event which comprises of a keynote panel of homeschooling parents, alumni and teen who give TED talk style speeches.

Because of Covid, in person events are unable to be held at the moment, and the 2021 Homeschool Convention will be held purely online. In addition to the speakers, there will be 5 LIVE, online workshops for parents over zoom, featuring topics beneficial for homeschooling parents such as: How to prevent burnout, Parent-child communication, Funschooling, Roadmapping with your Child, and Avoiding the Four Horsemen of the Homeschooling Apocalypse: Strengthening the Marriage While Homeschooling Your Kids 

As the convention is done online, Keynote speeches will be recorded beforehand and made available to ticket holders ONLY from Apr 9 00:00 –Apr 11 11:59. This year, there are a total of 6 keynote speakers and videos from the 2020 Homeschool Convention will be made available as well, which is a total of 20 videos.

Who can attend the Homeschool Convention?

Tickets for Keynote videos are available for homeschooling youth (13-18) and adults (19 and above)

The speakers that we have feature homeschooling parents, graduates and teens. This offers a broad perspective of topics and experiences from various age groups and backgrounds. This is particularly helpful to both parents and children to understand how each other think, and is especially impactful for teens to hear other teens and empathize with them. Workshops and Keynote speeches are specifically targeted at homeschoolers and not those who are exploring homeschooling.

Why should I attend the Homeschool Convention?

The Homeschool Convention aims to help homeschoolers in Singapore be Refreshed, Connected and Energized by the sharings and expertise of the keynote speakers and workshop facilitators. Be refreshed by hearing various perspectives and answers to some questions that you may have. Be connected with others in the community by coming together at this annual event. Be energized by the encouragements and sharings of those who are homeschooling just like you!

See the speech topics and our wonderful speakers who wrote them!

See what workshops best apply to your homeschooling experience!

How much is it?

20 Keynote Videos Adult/Youth Ticket: $18

2 ZOOM LIVE Workshop: $16 

You get 20 Keynote videos: 6 new Keynote messages this year + access to 14 keynote messages from the 2020 Homeschool Convention.

You get to choose 2 workshops (45 mins each LIVE 9th April) out of 5 workshops.


Where can I register?

Register at tinyurl.com/2021HSCONVENTION

Where can I find out more about the speakers and workshops?

You can find out more about the speakers and workshops here: https://homeschoolalumni.sg/category/homeschool-convention/

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