2021 Homeschool Convention Organizer and Alumni Program Founder

[Rebecca] It’s an honor for me to be organizing the Homeschool Convention this year.
By working behind the scenes, I’ve learnt more about the homeschool community, as well as what parents/teens/children might need to make their homeschooling journey more fulfilling.
As a homeschooling teen myself, giving back to the community in this way has helped me to feel more connected, even during such times where we all cant meet in person.
I hope that you will be blessed by what the speakers and workshops have to offer this year!
[Magdalene] Hi, I am the founder of the Homeschool Alumni program which is newly launched. The 2021 Homeschool Convention is organised under the Homeschool Alumni from now on.
Our vision is to gather the homeschooling alumni in Singapore to network and share their stories as the homeschooling landscape matures. The Convention is right up our alley as a way to sow back into the community.
As a High School Day 2019 speaker and High School Day 2020 organiser for the past conventions, I am excited for this year’s lineup of intergenerational speakers. Being a Homeschool Singapore alumnus and recent high school graduate, I am thrilled to see the homeschool community expand and strengthened through the Homeschool Convention this year.
There is something to takeaway for everyone, regardless of your homeschooling journey. It’s a great place to recharge and connect! See you there! 🙂

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